To know yourself is to know the image you present to others.

To know yourself is to know how you fit into the team.

Belbin GetSet is a way for a student to learn about him or herself, and through this knowledge to gain three overwhelming benefits through the coming months and years.

First, when faced with a university or job application a student who really knows him/herself will be able to write a believable appraisal that makes the reader sit up and take notice.

Second, when faced with an interview, young people who understand themselves and what makes them tick, invariably offer a refreshingly informed self-view.

Finally, such people present an awareness of their strengths in a way that will both interest and encourage those with whom they work.  These people know what they do best, and how they can support the whole team.  In today’s workplace, they are the ideal employees.

What happens with Belbin GetSet?

Students complete a questionnaire and receive a report which identifies their strengths and shows how to use these strengths to the best advantage.  This report shows where the student stands in relation to nine key behaviour patterns which define our Team Roles.

It identifies “Team Roles” – each being a different way of working and contributing to a team or organisation. Each has plus points (the strengths) and minus points (the allowable weaknesses). It is normal to have both the strengths and the allowable weakness for a particular role.

This helps the student see where he or she will best fit in a team and the student can use this knowledge to best effect over the coming years.

As a result, these students benefit from increased self-awareness and find a firm footing for the next stage of their academic study and their careers.

Along with comprehensive advice and guidance, the report is set in a workbook that comprises key points and questions designed to help formulate a personal summary.

Starting with Belbin GetSet

You can, of course, take our test yourself if you wish, or you can offer it to just one student, or buy a set of credits, each of which allows one person to complete the questionnaire and receive their personal report. Credits cost £20 each.

To apply for credits, please click here or if you have any questions about Belbin GetSet please email or call 01223 264975.