Careers advice in crisis: why we need to rethink our offerings to young people


By Victoria Bird

And 79% feel that their child doesn’t have a clear idea of what they want to do after finishing education.


That’s according to a 2015 paper published by GTI media in conjunction with Ernst & Young.

However, a quarter of parents were not aware of any career advice given to their children, and over half stated that there had been ‘some but not enough’.


Disappearance of the Connexions service has left a void in schools careers provision.


Higher education is more expensive than ever, therefore parents have a greater imperative to ensure that their money is being well spent.


All sample groups studied felt that they, as parents, had the biggest influence over their child’s important education and career decisions.


The majority of parents wanted to see careers advice and information beginning at 14, when children make their GCSE choices, and wanted this to include one-to-one discussions, subject choices and information about how subjects relate to career or job areas.


Children change as they progress through education, and whilst early subject choices can determine later options, the skills they develop continue to grow through further or higher education, apprenticeships and work placements.


What is needed is a holistic, strengths-based approach that develops with the child.


For all groups, leadership was the skill least developed at school.


Rather than mere job titles which yield little understanding about what the experience of the work will actually be like, the majority need an understanding of what the job entails that they can relate to their present skills, interests and accomplishments.


Belbin GetSet helps young people understand more about their strengths. Instead of focussing on a particular job title or industry, they learn about what they are naturally good at and how they can contribute to a workplace. This knowledge helps give them an idea of career paths that may suit their natural strengths.


Belbin GetSet is a 15-minute questionnaire culminating in a workbook full of personalised advice and guidance for young people aged between 14 and 19. It helps them identify their strengths, project them in a positive way and manage their weaknesses effectively.


The Belbin GetSet programme also offers a variety of free resources such as lesson plans and 45-minute soft-skills modules. Please contact us for further information. Email or call 01223 264975.



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