Belbin GetSet for schools and colleges

Belbin GetSet offers a unique opportunity to understand the behavioural needs and contributions of young people who have little or no work experience. It is a unique and effective resource for PSHE and careers days and team/self-development sessions, either within education or on a work placement.


Belbin GetSet helps young people understand the importance of team working, improves their self-awareness and improves their ability to work well with other people.


The Belbin GetSet questionnaire takes 15 minutes to complete and the resulting report and workbook will help students discover their behavioural strengths.


We also provide step-by-step feedback guides and a lesson plan/activities planner, so you can help individuals digest the key information and answer any questions they might have about Belbin GetSet.


The maximum cost for a Belbin GetSet report is between £10-20 per person + VAT depending on numbers. We are passionate about helping young people so if your budget is tight let us know and we'll try to work within it!


There's also an option to have a workshop run by the Belbin GetSet team, we tailor these to suit your students and budget - get in touch with us for more information on


How does it work?

Invitations to complete a Belbin GetSet report are sent out by email, the questionnaire is completed online and then the report is generated and emailed back (to the organiser, the student or both). You can then print the reports and workbooks to distribute and work through in your Belbin GetSet session.



Start young people speaking the language of business


Belbin is renowned and respected in many organisations worldwide, so using the language of Belbin, through GetSet, gives young people an entry-point into the world of work.

A Belbin GetSet report can help potential employers to see how an applicant might fit into their team or highlight the strengths they might be able to bring to a job. The programme also assists young people with CV-writing by encouraging them to use appropriate and positive language.

Find out how Belbin GetSet can be used in your school here.


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