Belbin GetSet for university students

Belbin GetSet is already used in many universities, from forming study groups and team working, to helping with careers guidance and wellbeing.

We have adapted the Belbin questionnaires and reports to meet the needs of students who are yet to enter the world of work, but who are expected to work with others as part of their continuing studies and will benefit from learning the language of Team Roles to give them a head start when starting their career.

Forming study groups/teams


At the start of a module, students can be placed into balanced teams. This can be through peer assisted learning (PAL) or directed by a lecturer. This can help the team to acheive their potential and help lecturers and tutors ensure teams are fair.


Careers and guidance


Belbin GetSet will give students a language for talking about their strengths in interviews and during the application process. The Belbin language is well known in the professional world and having prior knowledge and the ability to talk about their strengths will give them a head start.


Work placement project teams


Students on placements within organisations can be placed into balanced project teams.

Team working


Students on courses where team working is covered in the syllabus will find the language of Belbin and the GetSet reports very useful.

 "Our first-year students have engaged with each other and their coursework earlier this year than ever before. And we think that may be thanks to Belbin GetSet."

– Jane Aspinall, Senior Lecturer HRM, Liverpool Business school, LJMU.

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