Help your teenager understand, promote, and articulate their strengths - give your teenager the language of Belbin.


Based on the well-known and established theory of Belbin Team Roles, Belbin GetSet helps young people learn about themselves and their behaviours and gives them the confidence to project themselves in a positive way.

It gives young people the edge. And in increasingly uncertain and competitive educational and working environments, that is just what they need.

Belbin GetSet prepares young people (aged 15 to 19) for the next stage of their education or career, by helping them to learn about themselves and their behaviours. It shows them where their strengths lie and what they have to offer now, and in the future, building their confidence and promoting self-understanding and wellbeing.

From applying for an apprenticeship or composing a personal statement for university/college applications, to improving wellbeing and teamworking, Belbin GetSet will help your teenager articulate their strengths and stand out from the crowd.



How it works

After completing a short online questionnaire, your teenager will receive a Belbin GetSet Workbook identifying their strengths and talents. This will help them understand how they might learn and work best, providing personalised advice and guidance on how to play to their strengths in application processes, at interview and when they make their next steps.


Some pages from the Belbin GetSet Workbook


To receive a more detailed Belbin GetSet Workbook, your teenager can ask for feedback from their school friends.

We recommend that your teenager asks for feedback from their school friends only if this is something they are comfortable with. We suggest that teenagers ask for feedback when they are in Year 12 and above. There is no additional charge for this, and once six people have fed back, a new and updated Belbin GetSet Workbook will be sent to you, free of charge.



Download a sample Belbin GetSet Workbook

Download a sample Belbin GetSet Workbook including feedback from peers



How you can help your teenager get the most from their Belbin GetSet Workbook

We provide resources for you to help your teenager get the most from their Belbin GetSet Workbook. You may already be aware of Belbin from your own field of work, but we’ve put together some resources to help.


Purchase Belbin GetSet for your teenager

  • A Belbin GetSet Workbook costs just £24.
  • Once your payment has been successful, we will send you the instructions and a link to the Belbin GetSet questionnaire.
  • Once your teenager has completed this (about 15 minutes), the Belbin GetSet Workbook will be automatically generated and sent back to your email address as an acrobat pdf attachment.
  • If you wish, at this point you can start the feedback process, or leave it for another day. There is no time-limit involved.