The Importance of Teamwork for Young People

By Debs Breacher

January 2019


Teaching teamwork in schools is really important. We are very young when we first start working with other people in a team scenario – playing games with friends in the playground and working with peers on school projects. We don't even consider how we interact with our team members and peers at this young age, we simply let our natural behaviours lead our interactions. When we reach secondary education however, it is important to learn how to work well in a team environment, how to recognise the strengths of our peers as well as ourselves and how to use this knowledge to benefit the team.

Working in groups and teams continues throughout our lives, from formal education and on to the workplace. After all, it is unlikely that we’ll end up in a job where we never interact or work with other people.


Teaching the importance of team working can help with the following:


  • Improved communication
  • Improved self confidence
  • Better relationships with peers
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Group projects
  • Peer assisted learning
  • Confidence when making decisions involving people


Once in the workplace, an existing knowledge of how to work well with others will give young people a head start.


Now is a great time to introduce your students to the language of Belbin


Belbin have been working with individuals and teams around the world for over 30 years. The language of Belbin Team Roles helps people to identify their own and other people’s behavioural strengths and use this information to work together more effectively.

We have adapted the Belbin questionnaires and reports to offer this insight to students who are yet to enter the world of work, but who are expected to work with others as part of their continuing studies. 


Belbin GetSet is a 15-minute questionnaire culminating in a workbook full of personalised advice and guidance for young people aged between 14 and 19. It helps them identify their strengths, project them in a positive way and manage their weaknesses effectively.


The Belbin GetSet programme also offers a variety of free resources such as lesson plans and 45-minute soft-skills modules. Please contact us for further information. Email or call 01223 264975.