Do we really know who we are?

By Sue Altass



The Me, Myself and I programme helps students make the transition from education to the world of work. It gives them a better understanding of how their attitudes affect their life and relationships by exploring their emotions and reactions to others. It enables younger students to make a smoother transition through the education system, connecting their natural abilities with their passion and explaining how the curriculum can support them in finding a career that they are passionate about.


Key to success

We have enjoyed success with our programmes because we partner with Belbin to provide a specialised profile for teenagers, so they can understand what truly makes them tick. We evaluate our work rigorously, in order to build on its strengths and offer a flexible service that builds on the success of the student. We recognise and identify students’ behavioural strengths, so that they can use them in their work. InspireIgnite offers a tailored package with the learner at the centre of the strategy.


We have recently adapted the Me, Myself and I Employability programme to work with a group of students with complex learning differences. Here is a selection of quotes from the trainers that work with these students:


“Participant A has moved on significantly following the II course. He has complex learning difficulties, which have never been fully explained to him or assessed. Yesterday (2018) he attended his BDA Teacher Diagnostic, and in addition he has now enrolled for an SIA course. His mum drove him to the assessment and she said to me that she couldn’t believe the confidence change in him.” 


“Participant F has moved from 3 to 1 on the RTC diagnostic and is actively seeking work. He is attending the gym, now catering for himself independently and has attended a number of courses. He is booked to attend a retail course over the summer, and is now work-ready”.


“Participant C has had significant physical health issues since the course. She has a highly complex and significant blend of illnesses and disabilities. At the onset of her attendance, her Support Worker outlined that she would probably never call us, and would almost certainly never choose to attend voluntarily alone. She now catches the bus to see us and is more than happy to chat on the telephone”. 


These are only three of the group’s participants who have grown in confidence and are actively seeking to follow and use their skills. They have used their Belbin GetSet profile to gain a greater understanding of themselves and words that they can use to describe themselves. To find out more about the Me, Myself and I programme, contact Sue or Hannah via the website:


Written by Sue Altass